HEAT Advisory

Kelly | sprout news
29 Jul 2013
We often get asked “What do you do at Sprout Camp on the HOT days?”…and WOWzers its been HOT. Here are answers to that question:
We talk about acclimatization (unfortunately in a weekly day camp, we cant really become acclimatized). So-we drink SO MUCH water, we wear light covering clothing, hats, sunscreen, we cool off at pools, pads and lakes, we avoid longer periods of physical activity, we go into the forest which is SO MUCH cooler than the city, we go to learn about nature in air conditioned city centers like the HFM and HPL while riding the air conditioned HSR. We rent wonderfully cool home bases that are close to all of these other things. Lastly, we take care of our campers and constantly monitor their well being. We can do this bc we have a small counsellor to camper ratio (1:3)
Take care in this summer heat everyone. Sprout Camp.
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