Simpler Thyme

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21 Jul 2010

Today with our Sprout campers we went up to Simpler Thyme Organic Farm. We want to send Bill, Ann and all the friends at the farm a huge thank you for the wonderful tour and lunch. We saw so much! We smelt and we tasted! We met some volunteers from all around the world (WWOOF Program).

On our country drive home we listed off all the plants that we saw. It was hard to remember it all;

-kale-sweet sweet strawberries-swiss chard-potatoes-asparagus-sunflower-garlic-tarragon-poppies-gladiolas-beets-brussel sprouts-sage- raspberries- zinna flowers-the three sisters-the fruit orchard-black walnut trees-shiitake mushrooms- …

We saw week old baby ducklings, nursing kittens, pigs, cows, a peacock, turkeys…

We walked into the forest of sugar maples and harvested shiitake mushrooms. We picked plums, and stepped into bills straw bail greenroom with growing bananas and papaya!

Today our brave campers tried pink mashed potato! Can you imagine that?  (Add a wee bit of beet juice, they were SO delicious). We were also spoiled with some short bread cookies with a hint of mint and lavender. Everything we ate a lunch came from the farm and the campers were surprised when Ann said she didn’t shop at the grocery store.

We can’ t thank Simpler Thyme enough! They really want to see young people learn and grow and there is SO much to learn in their big garden!

(Even the Sprout Leaders got schooled today. Do you know why some potatoes have green spots? -Don’t eat those parts-)

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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